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Developer Blog: Veteran Missions

Welcome to our last in our launch series of developer blogs! Introducing Gears Tactics’ Veteran Mode – the end-game awaits.

in-game screenshot of Veteran mode menu

Once you complete the story-driven campaign at the heart of Gears Tactics, you have a few options – replay the campaign on a higher difficulty (if you are feeling super bold, toggle on Ironman!) or head into Veteran Mode.

Veteran Mode is all about pushing you to the limit as you level-up to survive and continue the hunt for Legendary equipment and ultimate bragging rights.

Veteran Missions follow a structured flow – first, you’ll take on side missions to help gear and train up your squad. Once you complete enough of these, you’ll get to take on a Veteran Mission – a tough tactical challenge with unique modifiers that will challenge your approach to the battle.

in-game screenshot of launching screen for the Constant nightmare mission

If you manage to complete the mission, you’ll gain a Veteran Level and the process starts over again. As you progress, you’ll have more opportunities to find Legendary Equipment to fully deck out your squad in the most badass gear possible.

By the time you finish the campaign, your highest-level units should be around level 6 out of the maximum 10 levels. Maxing out your characters is the only way to survive the increasingly tough modifiers being thrown at you in each Veteran Level. Here’s a bit of advice: invest in ALL of your characters as you never know who will fall on the battlefield and who will be required to be save the day.

Finally, on top of having a Veteran Level to showcase to the world, there’s also some sweet achievements up for grabs too. Trust us, you’ll be bragging about these ones!

We’re in the endgame now – Complete a Veteran Mission (10G)
I could do this all day – Complete 20 Veteran Missions (30G)
…dary! – Upgrade each Hero’s primary weapon with all Legendary mods (40G)

Signing Off
From all of us on the Gears Tactics Team, we hope you are having a blast with the game.

We’ll be keeping closely in touch with you right here on Steam through future developer blogs, posts and developer streams.

Thank you for playing!