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Developer Blog: Jack

Get ready for an all-new addition to your Gears Tactics squad – Jack!

As any Gears fan knows, Jack is a flying robot and valuable friend on the battlefield. In Gears Tactics, he is a permanent squad member with a dedicated skill tree that will ensure he’s a critical factor in your mission to take out Ukkon.

The Bot Class Icon with a sample of its skill tree behind it.

With four quadrants and 27 skills at your disposal, how you choose to upgrade Jack is really up to how you like to play.

Jack begins with a base Cloak skill that will let you send him around the battlefield largely unnoticed – but be careful, as soon as you use a skill or interact with another player, Jack’s presence will be known.

If want to Jack to be the best teammate ever, then make him a generalist with a focus on Auras. Depending on the Arura, you can buff your entire squad using the Stim Aura or invest in Auras that are class specific. These become even more powerful when added to classes with fully-kitted Supreme Equipment. We’re partial to the Crit insanity of the Sniper class.

Invest in the Control quadrant to use Jack to own the battlefield with Capsule Skills. These persistent AOE abilities will ensure you control the battlefield. Drop a Shock Capsule to prevent an enemy from moving or shooting so you can gain position or use the Toxic Capsule to damage enemies hunkered down in deep cover.

Make Jack a badass warrior (as much as possible) with Front Line skills. Jack can make teammates tougher with Shield and stronger with his ability to create two of the most powerful weapons in the game – Torque Bows and Boomshots.

The Utility and Defensive quadrants give Jack an assortment of supportive (Support is a class) skills. Improve your team’s overall skill with Extra Actions and Coordinated Assault or drop an Attractor Mine and Smoke Capsules to buy your squad the time to make a devasting action. We’ll be back tomorrow with a deep dive into the new Deviant enemies– and the Supreme Equipment mods.

Gears Tactics is out on November 10 on all Xbox consoles and you can get it with Xbox Game Pass. All the new features for Gears Tactics will also be added for free as a major update to PC players on the same day.

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