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The Coalition Moving to Next-Gen Development, Unreal Engine 5

At The Coalition, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible Gears of War games and the best possible game performance using cutting-edge tools like Unreal Engine. We wanted to update our fans on both of those things.

Thank you to all the fans out there who have been on this journey with us. During a worldwide pandemic and working from home, the team launched a first strategy title, Gears Tactics; re-launched Gears 5 and Tactics on Xbox Series X|S hardware with performance upgrades and features; revamped Gears 5 multiplayer with a ton of content and updates; and capped the year with the first mainline campaign expansion – Gears 5: Hivebusters – in almost a decade. As we look to future games, we’re excited to start shifting our resources to next-gen development using Unreal Engine 5. Gears of War has always been at the front of Unreal Engine development – as a breakout 720p title for Xbox 360 through last year’s 120FPS multiplayer update for Xbox Series X|S – and we’re excited to continue that tradition by developing on UE5 for multiple new projects in the coming years.

What does this mean for our current titles?  

Gears 5 has content on the way, and we’ll continue to release new operations through Operations 7 and 8. Each Operation will have two drops including new characters, new maps, and special events. Through the end of the year, we will have store updates with exciting new content as well as featured playlists.

Shifting to a new engine is a big undertaking, so we want to be clear that we will not be announcing any new projects or titles for some time.

Last, our amazing team needs more exceptional professionals to help us continue to push the envelope, so, we’re hiring!

Thanks again to all of our fans. We’re eager to get to work and show you what we’re working on when the time is right.

The Coalition

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