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Gears 5 Launch Maps

Today, we’re excited to reveal our Launch Map lineup for Gears 5!

In Gears 5, we’ve set out to build the most diverse lineup of maps for Versus and Horde, with an increased focus on dynamic map elements that spice up the battlefield and break-the-mold maps like our two-lane map Exhibit.

In addition to the classic, Versus and Horde arena-style Maps, we also are launching with 4 Hive-style maps for Escape mode. In total there are 11 Maps at launch, with more coming post launch.

Here’s your first look at the launch maps for Gears 5.

A statue of a chained man with a bird on his shoulders looms above an Asylum

Asylum is a classic-style Gears map, with strong fronts across all three lanes and imposing architecture set during a dark night.

A New COG Transit Line has been installed on the outskirts of the asylum. These trains stop for no one, so if you get in their way, the Train will always be the one to come out on top. Always.

The middle offers a tight lane with multiple spaces for rifle play and intense Gnasher fights, with a hop-over flank to the train tracks. Above it stands an imposing bridge, offering sightlines for support play but at the risk of a quick flank from your enemy.

A destroyed Pendulum Wars building

Bunker is a larger scale Gears map set in a Pendulum Wars base that’s defined by its namesake – a huge Bunker that towers over the battlefield.

If you make it up the imposing hill with only Dragons Teeth for cover, prepare for a hard fight across the Bunker’s lower entryways and atop the battlements to earn a strong rifle position for the fights down below.

On the lower half of the map, two destroyed buildings overlook an old ammunition loading conveyor system that harbors valuable weapons to mount your counter-attack and retake the Bunker.

An entertainment district of a new COG settlement

As seen in the Gears 5 Tech Test, District is a Gears street fight set in the glitzy entertainment district of a New COG Settlement.

The cinema is all about up-close and personal combat where only the brave will come out on top. The middle of the map is defined by the Juice Bar and Info Center, with fierce combat with constantly shifting fronts around the fountain and planters in the main street.

On the lower half of the map, the Arcade and Hotel present a face-to-face showdown with long sightlines and plenty of cover. Those brave enough to take the Bandstand secure a strong flank into the main street, but at the risk of huge blindspots for your own flanks.

A dark new COG Museum with exhibits of the Locust

Fight among the “Denizens of the Hollow” in a two-lane map set in a New COG Museum. The top corridor of the map hosts a laser security system to guard the most valuable exhibits.

These dynamic lasers trigger when anyone enters the corridor, activating after a short charge and killing anything they touch as they sweep the corridor. With patterns that change after every sweep, you’ll need to keep a close eye on their formation to make sure you dodge them – or pay the price.

Battle through the winding halls of the museum takes place across two levels, with tight intense combat throughout the spaces.

A building sits next to an ice lake under the towering bones of a long-dead Riftworm

Built in the remains of the Riftworm, this Outsider Trading post is built on the shores of a frozen lake. The ice on the lake can be destroyed, exposing the freezing waters that will slow, damage and kill anyone who tries to brave the freezing temperatures for more than a second.

Savvy players will use the ice to their advantage to secure kills and deny enemy flanking routes. The two towers either side of the lake offer strong positions, with a highly exposed pipeline route between them* if you dare to take it.

On the far side, the rocky outcrops and main Trading Post building entices close range combat underneath the overhang of an icy cliff-face.

* This route is blocked and cannot be used in Escalation

A COG Training facility for DeeBees sits under the shadow of the House of Sovereigns

Also seen in the Gears 5 Tech Test, this DB Industries testing facility is built in the shadow of the House of Sovereigns.

Three raised areas offer clear sightlines and strong rifle positions across the map. The Firing Range in the center has multiple points of entry and limited cover from the positions above – get in and get out.

On the far side of the map, an old building held up by New COG Support structures plays host to another great position and an intense fight over a power weapon in it’s rear.

A long-forgotten Vasgari airport, with passport control and a sand-glass center visible

Vasgar is a circular asymmetric map set in a dilapidated Vasgari airport, reclaimed by the red sand dunes surrounding it – as featured at gamescom.

Combat in Vasgar centers around the crater of sandglass found in the middle, with two strong defensive bases at either end that offer perfect sniping positions for the Longshot that spawns there. The two flanking routes offer a classic mix of rifle and Gnasher play, and winning here earns you a one-way drop down flank into the center lane*

*In King of the Hill, this dropdown is removed and replaced with a flat entry point into the middle allowing traversal both ways.

An epic Escape from the depths of a Swarm hive, first featured at E3. Navigate the maze to find the way out.

A longer, three act hive, where players must fight their way down to the caves, and then back up again.

The first Hive to feature a choice. Which path will you choose to set the fastest time? Fight your way to the branch and choose your fate.

To survive this intense, one-act Hive, players must survive three large fights with the Venom at their back.

New Hives will be arriving almost weekly, and with 50+ tiles available at launch, we can’t wait to see what Escape Maps YOU make!

Update: 8/29

In addition to our 7 launch maps, 5 enhanced Gears of War 4 maps will be available in Gears 5 exclusively for Private Play across all modes.

These classic maps will not be in any matchmaking playlists, but can be used in Custom Lobbies (both discoverable and Private) if you want to play on some past favorites!

Here are the 5 maps that have been brought forward:

  • Dam
  • Forge Blitz (now just known as Forge)
  • Foundation
  • Harbor
  • Reclaimed

These select Gears of War 4 maps were added to Gears 5 to be used during the ELEAGUE esports event to ensure competitive balance. Since then, we’ve heard the desire from our Gears Esports community to focus entirely on the new Gears 5 Map lineup. As per the Official Map List for Gears Esports, these seven maps will be the focus of competitive play.


Gears 5 will have the biggest and most extensive post-launch support in Gears history.

Brand new arena-style Maps and tiles will be introduced free in future Operations, which we’ll talk about in much more detail in the weeks to come.

In addition, we are also planning to update Map Builder to support Versus and Horde – including new Versus focused tiles – as part of our post-launch support. We can’t wait to see a future where our marquee brand new map releases are married with the creative passion of the Gears community.

Throughout all 7 maps in the launch lineup, our goal has been to deliver maps that have their own distinct personality, style and elements to keep combat fresh map to map. We can’t wait for you to play them this September and find your own favorites.

See you out on these maps at launch,