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Developer Blog: Characters

Cinematic moment between Gabe and Sid

We’re back with our third Gears Tactics Dev Blog, as we dive into the Heroes taking the fight to Ukkon alongside your recruited and customizable Gears!


Gabriel “Gabe” Diaz is the character at the center of Gears Tactics’ story and the father of Gears 5 protagonist Kait Diaz. A natural born leader and tactician, Gabe is the key to building an organized force to take down Ukkon.

Formerly a Lieutenant Colonel in the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG), Gabe demoted himself to Sergeant after the Battle of Gatka Ridge – a brutal battle that soured Gabe’s opinion of the COG and its leader, Chairman Prescott.

Unfortunately for Gabe, Prescott is not so easily shaken off. Approximately a year after Emergence Day, hours before the COG plan to fire their Hammer of Dawn super-weapon to scorch the surface and wipe out the Locust, Prescott drags Gabe into action once more to secure some classified files before the strike. As with anything Prescott related, things are not always so simple.

Gabe is a Support Class Character, specializing in healing, buffing teammates and providing critical extra actions to teammates around the battlefield. Don’t rest on the attacking potency of the Support Class though – each one packs a Lancer with a chainsaw for instant close-range executions!


Sid Redburn is a COG loyalist to his core, willing to carry out any order given to him at any cost. Packing a whole lot of gruff, no-bullshit attitude, the only thing as serious as his demeanor is his hefty moustache.

Sid Redburn joins Gabe Diaz at the start of our story to ‘escort’ Gabe on their mission to grab the classified files.

Although he appears like a straight-laced soldier’s soldier on the surface, Sid’s background is anything but – and his vendetta against Ukkon feels like more than just orders.

Sid is a Vanguard Class Character, specializing in breaking and disrupting the enemy’s front line to create more firing opportunities for the rest of the squad. Their skillset includes debuffing enemies, intimidating them out of cover and getting into the thick of the fight with hard hitting weaponry.


Mikayla was a civilian engineer who was unable to escape the Hammer of Dawn strike zones, subjecting her to living through the horrific destruction of her own people’s super weapon. As you can imagine, Mikayla is not the biggest fan of the COG right now.

Following the strikes, Mikalya banded together a civilian militia as they fight for survival against a now very-pissed off enemy. After facing numerous assaults from the Locust with limited weaponry and an untrained civilian militia, her only goal is to keep her people alive and take out Ukkon.

No matter who you are, Mikayla doesn’t take shit from anyone – and earning her trust, especially if you are part of the COG, will be hard earned.

Mikalya is a Sniper Class Character, specializing in accuracy at long range with a much higher chance to land her hard hitting critical hits. When Mikayla’s in town, sit back and watch those heads pop.

The tree main Heroes of Tactics and one customizable Gears.

So there you have it – the main Heroes of our story! In Gears Tactics, these Heroes will be fighting alongside customizable Gears that are recruited on the battlefield. Depending on the mission, you will be required to have one or more of these Heroes to be in your squad as you hunt down Ukkon once and for all.

Speaking of Ukkon, for our next blog, we dive into the enemies and villains you’ll be trying to take down in Gears Tactics. Consider it some advanced intel for your strategies. Look out for that blog next week.

Less than 2 weeks till release!