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Introducing Bootcamp

Gears 5 logo and boot camp subhead with bootcamp map in the background.

Green as grass or just a little rusty? Bootcamp is a new way to practice your skills and learn new mechanics before joining the fight in Gears 5!

In Bootcamp, you’ll play as Del as he helps Damon Baird gather combat data to improve the AI of his DeeBee units. This all takes place in specially designed Training Grounds outside the House of Sovereigns, which also features as a Multiplayer Map in Gears 5!

Whether you’re learning the ropes or just refreshing your memory, Bootcamp takes you through all the basics from cover movement to roadie running in easy-to-repeat sections.

If you’ve never played Gears before, there’s never been an easier way to learn the game.

Sharpen your aim game with the Lancer, Gnasher and Grenades in a variety of shooting challenges – from hard aims to hipfires.

For returning players, this is a great chance to get to a feel for how the guns work in Gears 5.

Close Cover Combat (CCC) is an integral part of Gears combat, first introduced in Gears 4. The CCC sections give you the chance to learn how to Yank, Mantle and Counter without the pressure of real opponents.

Once you’ve got to grip with the core mechanics of Gears 5, put all your skills to the test in a live-fire exercise against 5 AI DeeBee enemies. Test your shooting skills and get your movement smooth like butter until you feel ready to get into the real fight!

At the end of any section of Boot Camp, you can choose to instantly replay the lesson and continue practicing. Repeat the lesson as many times as you want until you feel ready to proceed.

Experience Boot Camp for yourself during the Tech Test beginning July 19th 2019 or in the full game when it releases this September.